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Trey Hedrick, Geological Sciences Alumni Advisory Board Member

Trey Hedrick, portrait
Trey Hedrick

Ohio University B.S. Geology '17

I was raised in the Appalachian town of Wilkesville, Ohio, about 30 miles southwest of Athens, not far from the West Virginia border. Parlaying a life on the farm with my interests in the natural world, I decided to enroll in the Geological Sciences program at Ohio University in the fall of 2013.

It wasn’t until attending field camp and seeing the western states that I became interested in the idea of starting my geologic career in the American West. Upon graduating, I took a job with RETTEW Associates, an environmental remediation and consulting company, in Golden, Colo. While at RETTEW, I was involved in several projects ranging from environmental site assessments to bio-remediation of subsurface soil and groundwater. After a few years, I decided to expand my career in remediation by taking a position with Weaver Consultants Group in Columbus, Ohio, at the end of 2019. At Weaver, I currently work as a geologist in environmental practice and remediation services.

I credit the success in my field to all that I learned at Ohio University and for the relationships, I built by getting involved with the Alumni Board. I hope that I can be a mentor to students in the geosciences and give back in a way that many in the department have for me.

Outside of being a geologist, I am an avid climber, hunter, angler, and conservationist. I believe in being a steward for public lands and helping to protect wild places and natural resources for generations to follow.