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Tom Tomastik, Geological Sciences Alumni Advisory Board Member

Tom Tomastik, portrait
Tom Tomastik

Ohio University B.S. Geology ’79, Ohio University M.S. Geology ’81

Tom Tomastik is currently a Senior Geologist and Regulatory Specialist with ALL Consulting, LLC, based out of Tulsa, OK. Prior to his employment with ALL, Tomastik retired from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Oil and Gas Resources Management in Columbus, OH, with 25 1/2 years of service. He received his B.S. degree in Geology from Ohio University in 1979 and his M.S. degree in geology from Ohio University in 1981.

From 1982 to 1988, Tomastik was a consulting geologist involved in the exploration and development of oil and gas and Class II injection wells in Ohio, which included well site geologic oversight, cementing of casing, geophysical logging, well completion, hydraulic fracturing, well plugging and abandonment, and oil and gas production operations. In December of 1988, he accepted a geologist position with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Oil and Gas in the Underground Injection Control Section. The division regulates all oil and natural gas drilling in Ohio and has primacy and oversight of its Class II saltwater disposal and secondary recovery injection wells and Class II salt-solution mining injection wells from U.S. EPA. Tomastik plans and performs independent reviews of drilling, conversion, and plugging applications for Class II and Class III injection wells which includes reviewing geologic, hydrogeologic, and engineering designs for well construction, cementing, and operations of these wells. He provides technical assistance and expertise to the public, oil and gas industry, and other governmental agencies and serves as an expert witness for the division in civil and enforcement court cases. Additionally, he has conducted several hundred highly complex groundwater conflict investigations related to oil, natural gas, coal mining, injection wells, and industrial minerals quarry dewatering operations.

Tomastik has been involved in over 36 publications and presentations on oil and gas, groundwater and stray gas investigations, evaporates, underground storage, hydraulic fracturing, induced seismicity, carbon geosequestration, and injection wells. He is a member of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists, Ohio Geological Society, Ground Water Protection Council, National Ground Water Association, and a state member of U.S. EPA, Underground Injection Control National Technical Workgroup. He has also served on national workgroups for carbon geosequestration and hydraulic fracturing.