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Patrick Jackson, Geological Sciences Alumni Advisory Board Member

Patrick Jackson, portrait
Patrick Jackson

Ohio University B.S. Geology ’81, Ohio University M.S. Geology ’83

I was born in Tennessee and grew up in Poland, OH, near Youngstown. I completed my B.S. in Geological Sciences in 1981 focusing on hydrology. My M.S. in Geological Sciences was finished in 1983 based on research in well design and efficiency under Dr. Moid Ahmad, with results presented at the International Groundwater Conference in Johannesburg in 1984.

After receiving my M.S., I started my career with Shell in New Orleans in 1983 as a geophysicist. Initial assignments included exploration and processing. I moved to seismic acquisition in 1986, eventually becoming Party Chief of the R/V Shell America, the most advanced seismic vessel of that time. In 1991, I moved back into interpretive and leadership assignments that ranged from rank exploration to field developments and redevelopments.

In 2000 I transferred to The Hague to take a role in the Shell flagship project Sakhalin II. This posting culminated in the position of Chief Geoscientist for Shell Russia. I returned to the United States in 2007 as Development Team Leader for Alaska. In 2009, I moved back to Exploration as the Geophysical Coordinator for the Gulf of Mexico for prospect review, seismic data purchase, and reprocessing projects. Starting in 2010 I assumed the role of Appraisal Lead for the deepwater Appomattox discovery and executed a three-year appraisal program including wells and seismic. In 2013, I took on all appraisal in the Gulf of Mexico, including completing the appraisal at Vito, drilling the discovery at Vicksburg, and executing appraisal test at Corinth. In early 2014, I took over as Exploration Manager in the eastern Gulf of Mexico including Shell’s Rydberg discovery. Overall, my career at Shell has been balanced between development planning/execution, exploration and geophysics. This includes successfully managing safety aspects of vessels and rigs along with a track record of getting wells drilled, developments online, and applying leading-edge technologies to projects.

Since returning to the United States, I have worked with the Geological Sciences Department to establish the Alumni Board with the intent of supporting the department in its mission. I enjoy spending time with my family, adventurous travel, and coaching my kids in basketball, softball and baseball.