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Lisa DeRose, Geological Sciences Alumni Advisory Board Member

Lisa DeRose, portrait outdoors
Lisa DeRose, on right, with her husband, James Moulsdale

James Madison B.S. Geology ’09, Ohio University M.S. Geology ’11

On the way to visit James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA, in 2005, I knew I had found the right place when I was surrounded by mountains. Here I received my bachelor’s degree in Geology in 2009. I was unsure of the path I wanted to take, so I continued to get my master’s degree at Ohio University. I received my master’s degree in Geology with a focus in hydrology and water geochemistry in 2011.  Although I was no longer in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains, I was now living in the Appalachian foothills of southeastern Ohio. I studied acid mine drainage and the remedial techniques used to remediate the surface water and surrounding watersheds.

After receiving my degree, I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to work for the Ohio Department of Natural Resources in Athens, Ohio.  I began to apply for jobs across the United States. I was offered my first job as a Staff Geologist at Geosyntec Consultants in Santa Barbara, CA. Although the location was paradise, I did not find the mentor I needed to begin my career.

While looking for a new job I accepted a temporary position at the University of Maryland—Baltimore County as a Research Assistant. Here I studied the effects of urban hydrology and pollution on the Chesapeake Bay (the largest estuary in the United States).

Beginning in 2013 I began a new job at Geo-Technology Associates as an Environmental Scientist located just south of Baltimore, MD. I primarily worked on revitalizing Brownfield in-fill sites in the mid-Atlantic region through Phase I and Phase II environmental site assessments and corrective action plans.  I was lucky to have found the best mentor a young professional could ask for. After five years, it was time for my husband and I (pregnant at the time) to live in our dream state… Oregon.

My daughter, dog, husband and I now live in southern Oregon. I currently work at Camas LLC, which helps hydropower electric companies and others with their regulatory and permitting process.

My education at JMU and Ohio University has helped me find my passion in life, which provides me with great satisfaction and new learning every day. Aside from my job, I enjoy camping and hiking.