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A&S Planning Forms for Online, Summer and Part-time Teaching

About Contracts, Overloads, and Approvals

Preapproval of Funding

Please ensure that funding approval is in place before students begin to register for a course. Most departments use the relevant teaching proposal form to share plans for coming terms.

Please restrict faculty overloads to critical needs and emergency teaching. They are not to be used for meeting typical and ongoing demand for courses. Please note that the term "overload" excludes summer.

Chairs may not approve contracts for themselves.

All contracts and all new hire paperwork must be processed and approved by the Dean's Office before work begins.


After a department has obtained funding approval for contracts, the department will need to submit a footprints request attaching any approval documents that the department has.

A footprints request should also be submitted for contracts being paid on non-operating sources such as grants, foundation, research incentive, etc.

If funding for contracts have been included as part of a department?s original annual budget, do not submit a footprints request.

Emergencies and Exceptions

Please reach out to the Dean's Office immediately in the case of emergencies tied to unexpected absences tied to FMLA leave, sick leave, or other sudden disruptions. Non-emergency expenses that have not been approved are no longer covered by the college.