Ohio University

A&S Employees with Reduced Duties

Posted May 6, 2014

In an effort to ensure compliance with university policies and other local, state, and federal regulations, while ensuring fair, consistent, and equal opportunity to all employees, the college will implement the following work rule surrounding absences, leaves, and other situations that involve employees with reduced duties. This centralized, coordinated approach will help to promote consistency and fairness across the college. This policy applies to any employee who seeks a reduction in their university total effort for any reason, including but not limited to partial or full medical, family or unpaid leaves, or reduced duties related to external fellowships or similar appointments. This policy does not include part-time employees who are fulfilling their duties during part-time hours or employees who shift duties among responsibilities while remaining fully engaged as university employees.

Effective August 15, 2014, all College of Arts & Sciences employees requesting reduced duties and accommodations must have work plans approved by the dean.

In the event that a faculty or staff member indicates a need for reduced duties, the supervisor should contact the Kendall Brown-Clovis, the college's Director of Administration to explore options and formulate a plan to be presented to the dean for approval. Plans should include:

  • Detailed explanation of the reason and need for the modification of work tasks and duties.
  • Specific begin and end dates for each arrangement (review dates may be used in lieu of end dates for uncertain situations).
  • Specific explanation of the tasks and duties to be reduced during the modification period. In addition, detailed expectations in regards to expected output and productivity during the reduced effort period.
  • A proposal for adjustment of compensation and/or work hours.
  • A schedule of dates on which the supervisor will review work and fulfillment of expectations.

The Director of Administration will work closely with supervisors to ensure that plans are reasonable and compliant with university policies, practices, and all other applicable regulations. In the event that such arrangements are being requested in association with ADA accommodations or physician ordered medical restrictions, the Director of Administration will act as the coordinating point of contact between the employee, supervisor, University Human Resources, and other entities such as the Office of Institutional Equity and/or medical providers.

This work rule does not exempt the employees from complying with other University Policies and Procedures (including those described in the Faculty Handbook) that may be applicable to their specific situation. If you currently have a reduced effort employee, please contact the Director of Administration, who will ensure that this arrangement is appropriately documented, is compliant, and is being handled in accordance with the directive set forth in this memo.