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A&S Majors & Minors in Same Department

College of Arts & Sciences Guidelines on Majors and Minors within Same Department

The college expectation is that students who are majors within a given department are not eligible to also pursue a minor within that department, as these programs of study typically have significant overlap in content and curricula. Exceptions may be considered by the College of Arts & Sciences Curriculum Committee when:

  • a department provides a sound pedagogical rationale as to how the major and minor are sufficiently distinctive to merit students? eligibility to pursue both programs within the department (e.g., distinctive major and minor tracks within the department);
  • no more than 9 credit hours can be applied to both the major and the minor;
  • the minor must be structured such that the program requirements can be programmed into students' DARS and not require manual checking for course overlap between the major and minor.