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A&S Assignment of Faculty Office Space

The following guidelines are a reminder of existing college policy regarding faculty office space:

  • Responsibility for assigning office space to faculty members rests in departments with the chair.
  • Due to the scarcity of space, it may be necessary to re-assign offices upon the retirement of faculty members. The early-retired faculty and emeriti faculty could be asked to move from previously occupied offices.
  • Priority in the assignment of office space is given to full-time faculty. Thereafter come early retirees during the semester in which they teach, part-time faculty, and teaching assistants.
  • The office space available for assignment will serve the maximum number of people when the teaching assignments of early retirees are spread over two semesters, as provided for in the Faculty Handbook.
  • “The semester (Fall, or Spring) to be taught each year will be determined by the faculty member after discussion with his/her academic department head and after consideration of the needs of the department."
  • Retired faculty members who continue to do library research may wish to seek library carrels in lieu of office space. Access to labs is at the discretion of the chair.