Ohio University

War, Violence, and Revolutions

World War 2 tank painting

Ohio University faculty study modern wars, organized violence, and political and ideological revolutions in modern Europe, Asia, and North America as well as in other parts of the world. Approaches range from military and political history to intellectual history, the study of international relations, and analysis of communication strategies and the influence of the media on war, violence, and revolutions.

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Dr. T. David Curp, Associate Professor of History, teaches a variety of courses on contemporary European history, with an emphasis on Eastern Europe and the Balkans.

Dr. Joshua Hill, Assistant Professor of History, specializes in modern China and East Asia.

Dr. Alec Holcombe, Assistant Professor of History, specializes in modern Southeast Asia and Vietnam.

Dr. Steven M. Miner, Professor of History and Director of the Contemporary History Institute, specializes in the history of Russia and the Soviet Union; he served as CHI director until summer 2017.

Dr. Nukhet Sandal, Associate Professor of Political Science and Director of Global Studies, specializes in human security, religion and global politics, conflict management, and the politics of divided societies.

Dr. Michael Sweeney, Associate Director for Graduate Studies in the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism, has published many academic and popular books, journal articles and encyclopedia entries including The Military and the Press: An Uneasy Truce (Evanston, Ill.: Northwest University Press, 2006); Secrets of Victory (Tokyo: Hosei University Press, 2003); and "Harvey O'Higgins and the Daily German Lie" in American Journalism 23 (2006).

Dr. Ingo Trauschweizer, Associate Professor of History, Associate Professor of History and Director of CHI; specializes in modern military and international history.

Dr. Mirna Zakic, teaches classes on the political, social and cultural history of modern Germany and Europe, with a focus on the Third Reich, World War II, the Holocaust, and their postwar legacies.