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Appalachian and Urban Scholars Programs Scholarships

In 2006, the State of Ohio ranked 37th in the nation in college graduates with just over one-quarter of our residents with a bachelor’s degree or higher.

This situation is even more desperate in Appalachian and Urban Ohio, where the cost of college more dramatically affects the region’s students. In fact, it is one of the primary deterrents to attending college.

Add to that the cyclical nature of this problem – if a parent cannot pay for or assist their child in attending school, their children will likely face the same situation when they have children – and it becomes a vicious circle that only grows with time.

Ohio University works to break this cycle by providing students with the opportunity to attend college through the Appalachian and Urban Scholars Programs. These two programs, combined, annually give up to 80 students the opportunity not just to afford college, but to succeed.

Learn more about these scholarships, what they offer for students and the requirements. Make a gift to the Appalachian Scholars General Scholarship Endowment or the Urban Scholars General Scholarship Endowment to support these programs and students. If you have any questions, please contact Caryn Bailey at or 740.566.0233.