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Alumni Association and Affinity Group Scholarships

Alumni Association and Affinity Group Scholarships support students associated with that particular affinity group based on geography, college, school, or special interest.

To make a donation to an Alumni Association or Affinity Group Scholarship, choose from the listed chapters and/or societies.

For more information on any one of these scholarships or support funds, please contact the Alumni Association at or 740-593-4300.

Ohio University Alumni Association Scholarships

  • Legacy Scholarship
  • Faculty Excellence Award
  • Alumni Association General Support
  • Judith Johnson Scholarship
  • Golden Alumni Society Scholarship
  • Student Alumni Board Scholarship
  • Glidden Visiting Professorship

Akron Association of Ohio University Women

  • Lillie Greer Scholarship Fund

Greater Cincinnati Chapter

  • Greater Cincinnati Alumni Chapter Scholarship

Ohio University Women’s Club of Greater Cleveland

  • Freshman Scholarship Fund
  • Ruth Fowler Brown Upper-class Endowed Scholarship Fund

Central Ohio Chapter

  • Central Ohio Chapter Ohio University Alumni Association Endowed Scholarship

Dayton Chapter Network

  • Dayton Chapter OU Alumni Association Scholarship Fund

Fairfield County Chapter

  • Fairfield County Ohio University Alumni Scholarship Fund

Nation’s Capital Chapter

  • Nation’s Capital Chapter Scholarship Fund
  • Joseph M. Lichtenberg Memorial Scholarship

North Carolina & South Carolina Chapter Network

  • Carolinas Scholarship Fund

College of Business

  • College of Business SAF Fund

E.W. Scripps Society of Alumni and Friends

  • Scripps Journalism Internship Scholarship

Ohio University School of Music Society of Alumni and Friends

  • School of Music Society Scholarship Fund
  • School of Music Society Operating Expense Fund – not tax deductible

Society of Alumni and Friends for Teacher Education

  • Robert P. Comer Endowment
  • The Patton College of Education and Human Services Scholarships

Blue Line Boosters Hockey Alumni Society

  • Ice Hockey Endowment Fund
  • Ice Hockey Club Foundation Account
  • Ice Hockey Club Financial Aid Account
  • John McComb Scholarship
  • Daniel J Marazon Scholarship

Ohio University Marching Band Society of Alumni and Friends

  • Marching Band Endowment Fund

Army ROTC Society of Alumni and Friends

  • Army ROTC Endowment Fund

Student Alumni Board

  • Student Alumni Board Scholarship Fund

Hearing, Speech, and Language Alumni Society

  • Kala Singh Professional Development Fund

Hillel at Ohio University

  • Hillel at Ohio University’s 1938 Fund

Celebrating over 70 years of Jewish life on campus

Housing and Residence Life Scholarships/Funds

  • Residence Life
  • Residence Life Graduate Assistant Professional Development Fund
  • Residence Life Programming Fund
  • Brian Stephens Excellence Award