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OHIO License Plates
What shows your OHIO pride wherever you drive. What’s more visible than a Bobcat window decal and more permanent than a bumper sticker?

The Ohio University license plate!

Thousands of alumni already have what we call “the best plate in the state”—the Bobcat license plate. Let everyone on the road know you’re a Bobcat, too. And support your alma mater!

Only Ohio residents can get this special plate. If you’re not an Ohio resident, you can always get an OHIO license plate at The Bobcat Store or cover your car in Bobcat decals!

Ohio license plate, airplane at top with Ohio banner behind, Ohio University logo across bottom and OHIO attack cat logo on left.

How to purchase the Ohio University plate
The Ohio University license plate is a “special plate,” as described by the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (OBMV). The special plate fee is $35, charged annually by the OBMV, in addition to the regular registration fee. Of that fee, $25 goes toward an Ohio University scholarship fund. This portion may be tax deductible. You may at any time go back to a standard-issue license plate, however, you will not receive a refund of fees paid.

You may request a special in person at any deputy registrar's office, by calling 1-800-589-TAGS (800-589-8247) or online at

Use the online option for renewals, exchanges or checking special plate availability only. If you have a new vehicle that has never been plated, you must go to your local deputy registrar’s office in person.