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Ohio University > Fine Arts > What's Happening > Winter Dance Concert Feb. 21-22

Winter Dance Concert Feb. 21-22

Winter Dance Concert Feb. 21-22

Feb 10, 2014

The Dance Division at Ohio University presents its annual Winter Dance Concert, February 21 & 22 at 7:30 pm at Templeton-Blackburn Alumni Memorial Auditorium. The concert highlights new, reconstructed, and collaborative works by guest artists Doug Nielsen and Christine Cali, and by faculty Nathan Andary, John Bohuslawsky, Travis Gatling, Tresa Randall, and Chengxin Wei.

Guest artist Doug Nielsen created his work, Adagio (2014), by asking these questions: How does a dance begin?  How does it end?  What is anticipation?  What defines an interruption? Set to Samuel Barber’s Adagio for Strings, Op. 11, the piece finds renewed meaning in familiar music, and engages the audience in unconventional ways. The dance explores relationships between order and disorder, conformity and individuality, conflict and agreement, compassion and aggression, and captivity and escape.

by Christine Cali, San Francisco based visiting artist and Ohio Dance alumna, considers surveillance and the nature of being watched.  Today we see and are seen through a complex web of shifting perspectives that include social media and organized surveillance. Suspect looks at anonymity within a group, intimacy in duets and a feeling of alienation in solos set to a dynamic score by Matt Langlois AKA.

Nathan Andary presents A Journey's Present, his new dance reflecting on moments in life where resilience and fortitude are apparent.  Nine dancers move through choreographic dimensions and poly-rhythmic stylings of visiting faculty and Ohio Dance alumnus Nathan Andary, with music by composer/musician Andrew Gross, a graduate student from Ohio’s School of Music.

John Bohuslawsky’s dance reflects on moments when it is time to move on. Sturdy suitcases provide necessities for the trip and a place for rest and contemplation. A sound score by John Salutz enhances the feeling of travel and costumes by Erin West evoke an era when travel was a more formal and ritualized experience.

In his new work, Travis Gatling explores the impact that time has on our physical, mental and emotional states of being. With a cast of twelve dancers and a score composed by Aaron Butler, Gatling generates choreography based on time associated ideas such as time lost, time regained, repeating time, time out, not enough time, wanting time to stand still and so on.

Tresa Randall presents a kinesthetic investigation of the feeling of being thrust into a new place. Five dancers perform to an eclectic sound score with selections from contemporary American composer Ned Rorem’s “Book of Hours,” a soundscape of pebbles on a frozen lake in Finland, and vocal and instrumental pieces composed by 12th century German composer St. Hildegard von Bingen.

Chengxin Wei explores time, rhythm, and energy in relation to the individual and the group in his new dance. Wei examines how different energies and qualities can affect our interactions and the choices we make among one another and the space we inhabit.

The Winter Dance Concert promises to be an diverse evening of contemporary dance that leads viewers on a thrilling and thought-provoking kinetic journey.

General admission $12.00; children (under 18) $9.00; and OU students are free with a valid OU ID. Tickets are available at the Templeton-Blackburn Alumni Auditorium Ticket Office, (740) 593-1780.

For more information about this and other College of Fine Arts events, please visit

Contact: For more information, contact Chengxin Wei at (206) 707-3303 or

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