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Thirsting for Knowledge Thursdays


We are excited to invite you for our monthly "bring your own!" lunch series, occurring on a Thursday each month from 12:00-1:00pm during the semester. These programs are a casual way to learn about gender issues. Typically, they are facilitated by a speaker, and include a strongly encouraged Q&A period, as well as audience participation. Bring your lunch and join us for these wonderful sessions!

Spring 2019

January 17, Noon-1PM, Baker 233
She Was Kind and Caring: Gendered Language in Letters of Recommendation

A partnership between the Women's Center and CLDC, this workshop uses studies on gendered differences in letter writing to help recommenders improve their letters of recommendation generally. This workshop is also beneficial for hiring managers in understanding the role that implicit bias may play in letters of recommendation.

January 24, Noon-1PM, Baker 403
What would a radical reconceptualization of women's leadership look like?

A collaborative writing process for inclusion in the International Women’s Art Installation.

February 7, Noon-1PM, Baker 403
Women of Color Who Paved the Way

Join us to create art inspired by women of color who paved the way. This artwork may then be displayed in the International Women's Art Installation on March 26, 2019.

February 21, Noon-1:30PM, Baker 403 (please note that this workshop is 1.5 hours)
Recognizing Rape Culture and How to Respond

This workshop will provide participants with the tools needed to identify comments, actions, and myths that uphold rape culture. Participants will leave having role played bystander intervention strategies to disrupt rape culture.

March 21, Noon-1:00PM (with the option to stay until 2:00PM), Baker 405 (Trisolini Gallery)
The 'Beast of the Interior" with Sara Minor

Co-Sponsored with the Survivor Advocacy Program, CPS, and Trisolini Gallery.

Sarah Minor's work in Trisolini Gallery will showcase a series of interactive pieces tentatively titled "Beast of the Interior." This program will be a discussion and collaborative creation of an image/text piece, with anticipated themes of sexual assault, sexuality, gender, and interdisciplinary art work. Using her focus on the intersection of visual art and text, Sarah Minor will explore experimental and nontraditional forms of writing with participants as a way of demonstrating how visual and digital texts might help women craft their own space and stage for their voices.

This program has received an exemption from mandated reporting in order to allow for full-campus participation by all members of the campus community. Disclosures of incidents of sexual misconduct at this specified event will not be considered notice to Ohio University.

April 4th
Please join us at Take Back the Night in Baker Ballroom at 6PM. No Noon talk is scheduled for April so that people can attend Take Back the Night.

Fall 2018 Schedule

September 27, Noon-1PM, Baker 403
Undressing Disability with Emily Yates: Gender, Enhance the UK and Body Integrity Identity Disorder (BIID)

Emily Rose Yates is a 26 year old accessibility consultant, travel writer and TV presenter, currently living in Glasgow.  A wheelchair user, she has spent much of her time ensuring accessibility for all on a global scale, and most recently worked for MetroRio, to implement access and inclusion measures at all of their 36 underground stations ahead of the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games. She also wrote the Lonely Planet Guide to Accessible Rio De Janeiro to enable disabled tourists, athletes and locals alike to embrace the city as much as possible during Games time!

Now, Emily has set up her own accessible travel guide business, Globe Hopper Guides, and is studying for a PhD in disability and gender studies at the University of York, where she is focusing on the arguably underground issue of Body Integrity Identity Disorder.  A travel and hair dye enthusiast, she’s more than happy to answer questions on either subject!

October 11, Noon-1PM, Baker 403
Gender & Reality TV with Dr. Margaux Cowden

Join our discussion with Margaux Cowden, PhD, Director, Cutler Scholars Program, on gender and its intersection with race & sexuality in reality TV.

November 1st, Noon-1PM, Baker 403
Women and Health with Dr. Jane Balbo