Enrollment Forms and Policy Brochures

*Please be sure to review the updated Coverage Periods


Enrollment Information:


  • Review your student account after registration for the current term
  • Domestic students registered for 5 or more Athens credit hours, and international students registered for 1/2 or more credit hours, will be automatically charged for the student health insurance upon registration. Please review our webpage for details about automatic enrollment. 
    • Students that have received an approved Waiver during the same academic year will not be automatically charged for the insurance and will require voluntary enrollment. 
  • Students automatically charged for the Student Health Insurance do not need to submit an enrollment form
  • Changes to a student's schedule, such as a reduction in credit hours or a class change, may require voluntary enrollment in the student health insurance
  • Voluntary enrollment requires submission of an enrollment form during the designated Open Enrollment period each semester
  • Voluntary enrollment does not automatically continue


Voluntary Enrollment 

Use the link below to access the Enrollment Form for Athens and Regional campus students and their dependents:
2022/23 Enrollment Form


EMAIL: studentinsurance@ohio.edu 



OHIO University

Attn: Student Health Insurance

82 South Green Drive

140M Ping Center

Athens, OH, 45701




Policy Materials for 2022/23 


Policy Summary 2022/23

Provides information regarding annual deductible, coinsurance, copays, policy exclusions, coverage periods, and premium rates.

Policy Certificate 2022/23 

Provides detailed information regarding payable benefits for covered services and additional policy information.

TeleDoc 2022/23

Summary outlining included benefits for virtual services for medical and behavioral health.

Online Account Directions 2022/23 

Instructions to create your online account with the insurance company. Access health insurance ID cards, claims and explanation of benefits, personal information, member balances, coordination of benefits, provider locator tools, free resources, and more!

VSP Vision Insurance Summary

Summary of benefits for the included basic vision insurance package.

Enrollment Form: 2022/23 Policy Year

Enrollment Form for Athens and Regional campus students and their dependents. Enrollment Forms must be completed for only the current coverage period and returned prior to the posted semester deadline for processing. Open Enrollment for additional coverage periods will be available at a later time. 



  Policy Out of Pocket Expenses

Detailed Coverage Information is Located in the Policy Summary and Full Policy Certificate located via the links provided above.






Provider Appointment, Laboratory, and Radiology at Campus Care (Per Visit)  


Office Visit/Appointment with a Network Provider


Urgent Care 


Emergency Department at a Hospital (waived if admitted to hospital) 







Individual In-Network


Family In-Network


Individual Out-of-Network


Family Out-of-Network






Individual In-Network


Family In-Network


Individual Out-of-Network


Family Out-of-Network