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Optional Dental Policy

United HealthCare Student Resources offers an optional dental policy for students and their dependents.


Open Enrollment for the 2021/22 Policy Year is now closed.

The annual policy must be purchased directly from United HealthCare Student Resource


Deadline to Purchase Optional Dental Policy:

September 29, 2021


Effective Dates of Coverage:

8/16/2021 - 8/15/2022


Annual Premium Rates:

Student: $487.26

Spouse: $487.17

Children: $787.16

*Ohio University does not manage the optional dental policy provided by United HealthCare. We are not able to assist with premium payments, claims, coverage inquiries or billing matters. Please contact United HealthCare directly for assistance. 


Directions to Purchase Online: 

  • Visit: United HealthCare Student Resources

  • Select the 2021/22 Policy Year

  • Scroll to bottom of page and select the "Explore Policy" link on the Optional Dental Insurance tab

  • Review the Dental Summary

  • Select "Enroll Now"

  • Select your campus: Athens is listed under "Ohio Universirty - (Athens)"

  • Enter your zip code 

  • Follow promts to finalize purchase


2021/22 Optional Dental Policy Summary of Benefits


Optional Dental Summary of Benefits