Social Media Certificate Student: Grace Dearing

Senior journalism major Grace Dearing believes the social media certificate she is earning while at OHIO makes her well-positioned to enter the job market post graduation.
MDIA student social media team
February 11, 2021

Senior Grace Dearing, who's pursuing a Scripps College of Communication social media certificate,  talks about how the certificate has eased her post-grad job hunt. 
Academic programs: 
Journalism News & Information major, English minor and social media certificate 
What is the work that you do? Explain in detail. 

As the student social media intern, I assist OHIO's University Communications and Marketing department with social media campaigns throughout the university! Primarily, I run the social media accounts of the Ohio University Alumni Association with the goals of increasing the number of alumni reached as well as engaged with our social platforms I also assist the university's social media coordinator however necessary, whether it be through posting on the primary OHIO channels, helping with live streams, or writing additional copy. 
What are your professional goals? 
Ultimately, I would love to be editor-in-chief of a lifestyle magazine or online publication someday! Until then, I hope to work in the communications industry, whether that be through reporting, editing, social media, etc. 
How do you think the social media certificate will help you? 
Already, the social media certificate has helped me immensely. Not only has it allowed me to learn the skills necessary to be qualified for a role such as my current position with the university, but it has also aided in my post-grad job search. Without the certificate, I would not meet the requirements necessary for many of the social media jobs I have been applying to and am incredibly grateful that OHIO and Scripps offer this program! 
What social media channels do you run? 
Twitter: @OHIOAlumni Instagram: @ohioalumni Facebook: Ohio University Alumni Association