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Greg Ardrey

Greg Ardrey

Greg is a non-traditional student pursuing his PhD on a part time basis. He has always been fascinated by the convergence of computer technology and broadcast technology. Because of his expertise in both fields, he decided to research how emerging technology will impact the future of media — such as ATSC 3.0, Virtualization and Cloud Computing.  His goal is to understand where the industry is going in order to help determine how to prepare students for the future and to develop courses to assist in this preparation.   

Greg was born in Ohio and moved to Arizona in the tenth grade. He lived in Arizona for the next 12 years and completed high school and college there as well.  

Greg has a Bachelor of Science degree in Broadcasting from Northern Arizona University and worked at the then CBS affiliate in Phoenix for three years, which is now a Fox owned and operated station.   

After moving back to Ohio, he worked at NBC-4 in Columbus for three years in engineering, and then worked as an engineer at several radio stations before iHeart Radio bought all of the local radio stations and laid off most of the engineers.  

Greg then earned his first master’s degree in Information Systems Management and worked in broadcasting doing IT work in radio for several years. His final IT job was working for a school district, and he enjoyed working with students so much that he investigated getting a teaching license and ultimately ended up teaching high school broadcasting. His school’s program won several awards, including a student production award from the regional Emmys, and one of Greg’s former students is now in the film program here at OHIO.  

Greg has several professional certifications, including for “Society of Broadcast Engineers’ Certified Broadcast Technologist”, “Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer”, and “Project Management Institute’s Project Management Professional.”  

After the school administration discontinued the program, Greg went on to complete his second master’s degree in Educational Technology with an Adult Learning & Training emphasis. During this process, he decided he was interested in teaching full time at the university level, and ultimately decided to pursue his PhD.  

Outside of coursework, Greg lives in the country between Lancaster and Newark, where he lives with a dog and two cats, all rescues. He is interested in home automation and home theater systems, and recently received his FAA part 107 license to become a non-recreational drone pilot.