Students showcase their work from the Grand Cayman in VisCom Gallery exhibit

Margaret Mary Hicks
January 31, 2019

The Fashion Photography and Videography in Grand Cayman program culminates in a gallery show which will be holding its closing reception today.

The show is open to the public in the VisCom Gallery, allowing all community members to see what students created during their time in the Caribbean island of Grand Cayman.

Sam Girton, an assistant professor in the School of Visual Communication and program director, said the program gives students the advantage of having portfolio work shot outside of Ohio.

“This program took a lot of planning… it was hard work but once we landed and started working, that's when the rewards are coming in,” Girton said. “You could just see everybody loving what they were doing… it's nice to step back and see that people have some life changing experiences.”

Some clients the students worked with include Unitus Athletic Wear, The Fig Leaf Boutique, Ohio Valley Running Company and Peripheral Sunglasses Company. Students were also able to get advice from Heather Holt, an OHIO alumna who works as a professional photographer on the island.

Grace Ziemke, a fourth-year student studying visual communication, said the program was beyond anything she could have ever asked for.

“Not only did this program allow me to broaden my relationships with other students at Ohio University,” Ziemke said. “It also gave me the opportunity to meet people in Grand Cayman that I stay in touch with to this day.”

Girton said the first program commenced in December 2017 and he plans to do the program once every two years. He took 10 students and asks that students interested enroll in a one credit course for fall semester to prepare for the trip.

The program is open to all OHIO students, with roles including project management, fashion photography and videography. During the program, students gain real work experience scouting locations, networking with local professionals, preparing for shoots and processing post production objectives.

“I decided to go on this program to allow me to apply what I've been learning in the classroom into real field experience,” Ziemke said. “It's easy to attend class, submit projects and continue this process until graduation, but to take what you've learned and create some really beautiful pieces for an actual client is beyond rewarding.”

The exhibit will conclude on Thursday, Jan. 31 with a closing reception from 5 to 7 p.m. in the VisCom Gallery, located in the Schoonover Center lobby. The photos and videos can also be found online here.