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Communication Tool Kit

E-mail signatures

Faculty/staff Scripps College of Communication e-mail signatures are available for your professional use. Please personalize yours by typing your information over the customizable lines while keeping the font, color and size intact. Then copy the signature text and paste it into your e-mail program's signature feature.

You represent both Ohio University and the Scripps College of Communication through your email signature. Please don't replace any of the logos.


Various logos have been identified for use by the Scripps College of Communication and its schools. Please submit a communications request form requesting logos. 

Business card (two-sided)

For faculty/staff cards, contact Printing and Graphic Services.

Photo library

The Ohio University Scripps College of Communication photo library can be found at photos.ohio.edu. Photos may be downloaded from this site and used in college-related publications. 

PowerPoint and flyer templates

Please submit a communications request form.

For questions, please contact Director of Student Recruitment and Communication Sarah Logue at logue@ohio.edu.