Sonali Jha

sonali jha
312 Schoonover Center

Sonali is a Ph.D. student at Ohio University's School of Media Arts and Studies. Her academic work revolves around probing the transformative capacity of media in raising awareness about social issues and the role of comedy in society.

Sonali holds a bachelor's (Banaras Hindu University) and a master's degree (Central University of Jharkhand) in English Literature. She believes English Literature has given her the foundation for meticulous research, understanding of emotions, and the impact caused on thought processes or habitat through socio-political, economic, and scientific changes over the years in our civilization. During her master's program, she delved into literary theory and literature, carving out a niche in tribal literature. Her dissertation, "Analyzing the Politics of Climate Change in Speculative Fiction, 2000-2020," focused on the battle between the commodification of nature and harmonious coexistence.

Beyond her academic pursuits, Sonali's heart lies in community engagement. Throughout her undergraduate and graduate years, she was actively involved in organizing cultural and academic events. Secondly, she served as a campus ambassador encouraging the participation of young women both within and outside the university to showcase their talent. Additionally, she was actively involved with the local NGOs that focused on providing education to underprivileged children.

Sonali immersed herself in the marketing industry as a content writer. This experience sharpened her grasp of the intricate strategies of social media communication strengthening her horizons in the marketing industry and its strategies. She is thorough with content management systems generating trending information through graphics, videos, and language on different platforms. She understands the visual presentation and the pivotal role of language in grabbing and holding the audience's attention on social media platforms.

She focuses on unraveling media usage inequalities and the role of media in prevention campaigns about Human Trafficking. She explores the subjective nature of people's tech relationships, along with a strong interest in understanding the significance of comedy in raising social awareness. Sonali is passionate about interpersonal communication, media's impact on daily life, digital inequalities, and international media. Sonali is on her quest to amplify the voices of underprivileged people who often endure unjust neglect and discrimination.