Social Media Student Shares Internship Successes

Brock Zahler and Michael Smoley
February 12, 2020

MDIA Sophomore Faith Lucas brought together her social media knowledge with her other media skills in a recent internship with Dow Jones. The internship is one of two she has had as a social media student.

Based in Arizona, the Dow Jones internship put 12 students to work on a project that focused on video and social aspects as well as copyrighting and editing. In addition to making audio pieces and producing a podcast, Lucas produced clips for social media. Through her work, she met people from across the country in similar fields who inspire her and others with similar interests.

As a result, Lucas decided to produce her own podcast. Named “Get It, Got It, Done”, the podcast features interviews with student entrepreneurs from across the country. It can be found at

Lucas said the content in the Social Media Certificate program helps students grow academically and professionally.

“The classes give you information on how to take advantage on the technical side of social media and what works and what doesn’t in terms of your audience,” Lucas said. “My advice for starting a social media internship would be to be outgoing and try things that you think you might not be interested in. Also, record anything you think is useful or interesting.”

She said the certificate program has made her more inquisitive and more comfortable around people she is learning from.

As an MDIA major, Lucas has also done internships that have expanded her production skills. “My media classes here have definitely helped me learn more and ask good questions on the spot,” she said.