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The WOUB student experience: Michael Roth

The WOUB student experience: Michael Roth

Q: What do you do at WOUB?

A: I am the assistant sports director at Bobcat Showcase. That means I interview players and coaches of Ohio University sports teams, record games of Ohio University Athletics, create video and written packages on players and story-lines from the team, anchor sports segment of WOUB's newswatch program. Assist freshman with post-game recaps and game previews

Q: How did you get involved with WOUB?

A: During the Scripps HS journalism workshop I was in a group with Thomas Garverick, he told me about all the opportunities that WOUB has for students interested in broadcasting. Then when I arrived on campus I was involved from day 1.

Q: How much did you know going in? Specifically, about the tasks you perform there? Did you have previous broadcast experience before starting at WOUB?

A: I had a large amount of experience coming to Ohio University. I hosted my own sports show that I posted on youtube for four years in high school and had lots of experience with video editing

Q: What is your time commitment (hours per week)?

A: Probably anywhere between 10-35 hours a week, but on average I'd say about 15-20 hours.

Q: What're the skills have you developed or improved?

A: I've improved my storytelling ability and gotten better at being comfortable in front of a camera and interviewing players and coaches

Q: What advice would you give to students who are interested in working at WOUB?

A: Ask an upperclassman or freshman who is currently involved and get their opinion on the organization. Your peers should be able to give the best recommendation to whether WOUB has opportunities that can help you get where you want to be after graduation.