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Global Opportunity Showcase: MDIA Masterclass in Austin, Texas

Global Opportunity Showcase: MDIA Masterclass in Austin, Texas

The Music Production Master Class in Austin, Texas, led by School of Media Arts & Studies instructor Josh Antonuccio, allows participating students to work with Jim Eno, producer of Spoon. The extended-weekend-long experience teaches real-world skills and techniques in music production. Senior music production and recording industry major Demetri Wolfe-Maris talked to me about his experience.

Q: What professional skills did you develop during the trip?

A: I learned how to act like a producer and how to be responsible for getting the best performances out of artists in the studio. How to maintain a positive studio environment and a stable mindset. How to power through 14 hour days.

Q: What are your career goals?

A: I want to perform, currently I am serious with my project Inoculous and am planning regional shows and recording music. I also want to record other people's music and be a mixing engineer.

Q: How will the Master class help achieve your career goals?

A: This class is baptism by fire. In the studio setting, you will realize by the end of the week what qualifications and skills you need to create a sustainable career making records.

Q: What was the most unexpected part of the experience?

A: The most unexpected part was the amount of responsibility that was put on the artist. All of the musicians we recorded were so talented and put a lot of responsibility on themselves to get good takes. As a result, the initial playbacks sounded nearly as good as a finished mix. Really taught me to commit to a sound in the studio.

This is the second post in the blog series that is about Scripps students and their experience around the world.