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RMS Regulatory Programs That Apply to Research Laboratories

Program Sign Applies to Basic Requirements
Biosafety Manual Any work with biological or biologically derived agents. Follow basic safety procedures in manual.

Biosafety Manual
Institutional Biosafety Committee Approval Required when working with: DNA or Biosafety level 2 agents, and any materials covered by the Biosafety Manual. Complete IBC Form and submit to the committee for approval. Renewal every 5 years.

IBC Form
IBC Homepage
Infectious Waste Program Anyone who generates infectious waste. Definition of infectious waste can be found in the Biosafety Manual. Follow procedures outlined in the Biosafety manual.

Biosafety Manual
Bloodborne Pathogens Program All Ohio University employees and campus units that have employees with occupational exposure to human blood, cell cultures, and other potential infectious materials. Applies to any employee who experiences an exposure incident. Participate in training and comply with the university Exposure Control Program (ECP).

BBP Plan
BBP Enrollment Form
Bloodborne Pathogens Training All employees with occupational exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens. Complete annual training through EHS

Class training and information can be found here:
BBP Training
Respiratory Protection All employees who use respiratory protection equipment, including filtering face piece respirators (aka “dust masks”). Complete the necessary fit testing, medical, and training requirements. Respirator training is conducted annually, with retraining required annually.

Respiratory Protection
Chemical Waste Program Anyone generating chemical waste. Follow RMS guidelines at:

Chemical Waste Program
Chemical Hygiene Program All laboratories working with chemicals. Follow procedures outlined in the Chemical Hygiene Program.

Chemical Hygiene Program
Chemical Hygiene Training All paid employees, including student employees, who work with in chemicals in a laboratory. Offered every month through EHS. Schedule can be found here:

Class Schedule
Radiation Safety Program Any laboratory or department wishing to use radioactive isotopes. Obtain approval from the radiation safety committee and complete training offered by a radiation safety officer.

Radiation Safety Homepage
Radioactive Waste Any laboratory or department generating radioactive waste. Follow Hazardous Materials Management’s procedure.

Radioactive Waste
Material Safety Data Sheets Records Any laboratory or department using chemicals or other hazardous materials must have the MSDS sheets on hand for every chemical in the laboratory or department. MSDS may be kept in paper or electronically. The sheets must be available to employees while they are working. If MSDS sheet cannot be located contact EHS.

SDS Records

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