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Radiation Safety

Radiation Safety is a division of Ohio University's Safety Department.

Radiation Safety:

  • Monitors dosimetry and bioassay programs
  • Oversees all radioactive material facilities as to safety and compliance
  • Receives, processes, delivers and keeps inventory of all radioactive material
  • Conducts Radiation Safety Training
  • Performs Instrument calibrations
  • Leak tests and sealed source inventories
  • Administers the Radiation Generating Equipment Program
  • Interacts with various Federal and State agencies
  • Supports and interacts with Ohio University‚Äôs Radiation Safety Committee, which establishes policy and assures regulatory compliance within the University community

Laboratory Safety Department:

  • Performs laboratory audits
  • Assists with waste disposal and other issues
  • Offers technical assistance to University laboratories that conduct sophisticated research; these laboratories have unique materials and concerns requiring:
    • Safe handling procedures
    • Equipment
    • Training
    • Other control measures
    • Specialized safety equipment such as:
      • Fume hoods
      • Safety showers
      • Eyewashes
      • Other controls needing to be maintained and tested
  • Ensures laboratory personnel and departments maintain their OSHA Chemical Hygiene plans