AED Campus Locations

Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) on Athens Campus

All public AEDs on the Athens campus can be found on this page. Exact buildings and locations within the building are listed on the table
In times of emergency, quick access to life-saving devices like AEDs can make a significant difference. This page is designed to enhance the accessibility of AEDs, providing valuable information about their locations, status, and fostering awareness of safety precautions on campus.

What are AEDs?

Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) are portable electronic devices designed to administer an electric shock to the heart in the event of sudden cardiac arrest. These devices are crucial in restoring the heart's normal rhythm and increasing the chances of survival. AEDs are user-friendly and equipped with voice prompts and visual cues to guide even those without medical training through the rescue process.
BuildingLocation DescriptionModelStatus
Alden LibraryMounted by Room 121HS1Active
Alden LibraryMounted behind Help Desk 2nd FloorHS1Active
Alden LibraryMounted by Elevators 3rd FloorHS1Active
Alden LibraryMounted behind Help Desk 4th FloorHS1Active
Alden LibraryMounted on Pillar 5th FloorHS1Active
Aquatic CenterIn Lifeguard BagHS1Active
Athena CinemaMounted outside of Men's RestroomHS1Active
Baker CenterBehind Help Desk 2nd Floor, in First Aid CabinetHS1Active
Baker CenterEvent Services Room 347C 3rd FloorHS1Active
Baker CenterMounted by Reception Desk 4th FloorHS1Active
Bird ArenaTrainers Office 114FRxActive
Bird ArenaMounted inside Main EntranceHS1Active
Boyd HallMounted inside Main EntranceHS1Active
Carin Strength CenterBehind Weight Room Desk (Peden)HS1Active
Central Foods FacilitiesMounted outside Office 105HS1Active
Chessa FieldMounted in Storage Room 202HS1Active
Convocation CenterMounted Court Side S133HS1Active
Copeland HallIn Room 606HS1Active
Cutler HallMounted on Second Floor by Help DeskFRxActive
Driving Range TrailerIn Closet 101AHS1Active
Glidden HallMusic Library 530HS1Active
Golf/Tennis Club HouseMounted by Office 106HS1Active
Grover CenterWell Works Gym E129HS1Active
Heritage HallNext to  men's restroom 150HS1Active
Heritage HallNext to  men's restroom 250FRxActive
Heritage HallNext to  men's restroom 350HS1Active
Hudson Health CenterMounted by Office 127HS1Active
Hudson Health CenterMounted by 2fl Waiting AreaHS1Active
Innovation CenterMounted behind Help DeskFRxActive
Irvine HallMounted by Room 234HS1Active
Kantner HallMounted in the back of Theatre 115HS1Active
Konneker Alumni CenterMounted in Room 105FRxActive
Library AnnexMounted by Help DeskHS1Active
McGuffeySecond Floor LandingFRxActive
McKee HouseMounted at base of Stairs 1 S-1FRxActive
Memorial AuditoriumMounted in Theatre Sound BoothHS1Active
Mill Street Intramural Sports ShedMounted in Grounds ShedHS1Active
Nelson CommonsMounted behind Pasta BarHS1Active
Ping CenterMounted by Room 209 (2nd Floor)HS1Active
Ping CenterMounted at Top of Stairs 3 S-2 (3rd Floor)HS1Active
Ping CenterMounted on pillar behind the Help Desk (1st Floor)HS1Active
Ping CenterOutdoor Recreation Gear RoomHS1Active
Ping CenterOutdoor RecreationHS1Active
Ping CottageMounted by main entranceFRxActive
Pruit FieldMounted by rollup door of Field House ShedFRxActive
Putnam HallRoom 304, wooden cabinetHS1 
Radio-Television BuildingMounted in back of Theatre 098HS1Active
Ridges 1 (Lin Hall) Kennedy MuseumMounted by main entranceHS1Active
Ridges 19Main HallwayHS1Active
Ridges 21 Voinovich SchoolBase of Staircase 1 S-1HS1Active
Ridges 22 IlgardCabinet in Supply Room 102HS1Active
Ridges 25 Konneker Research BuildingMounted in Hallway b y Room 101HS1Active
Ridges 27 Child Development CenterMounted next to Play Room 121HS1Active
Ridges 37 Print and Mail ServicesMounted in Break RoomHS1Active
Ridges 8Mounted in Break RoomHS1Active
Seigfred HallMounted in Woodshop 118HS1Active
Seigfred HallMounted in Office 528HS1Active
Softball FieldThird Base DugoutFRxActive
University Service CenterCabinet behind Control DeskHS1Active
Walter Field HouseSouth End of TrackHS1Active
Walter Field HouseNorth End of TrackHS1Active
Wilson AdministrativeIn Closet 210HS1Active
Wren StadiumThird Base DugoutFRxActive