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The Safety Department  is responsible for coordinating all aspects of environmental management, occupational health, safety on campus, and implementing safety regulations for the University. We are committed to preventing fatalities, injuries, illness, and disabilities on the job and in the total campus community. The protection of our assets and maintenance of a safe and healthy campus environment is essential for productivity and excellence. The Safety Department staff is comprised of a group of technical experts, qualified and experienced applied scientists, and administrators. Their job is to ensure that the University maintains a safe and healthful living and working environment. We also lead the compliance effort on campus in order to make sure that environmental, health, and safety regulations are complied with. We provide many direct services to our faculty, staff, students, and visitors. We offer an array of training courses and related technical consultation.

Please read below for useful information that you, as a new Ohio University Employee will need to know about our department and the services we offer. Welcome to Ohio University!

Fire Safety

Contact: Facilities Work Center, 740-593-2911

If the fire alarm sounds in your building, close your room door, and evacuate the building. Once outside and in a safe location, call 593-1911 or 911. You should become familiar with at least two exit paths out of your building. Please be aware that candles are prohibited in all university buidings. Ohio University's Life Safety Shop and the Environmental Health & Safety Office conduct fire alarm device testing twice a year, usually in June and December. Fire alarm testing is scheduled on a particular day and time to minimize disruptions. Announcements are sent to building contacts prior to testing.

Fire Protection

Pest Control In Your Office Or Building

Contact: Facilities Work Center, 740-593-2911

Rarely, pests may be a concern on campus. Call the Work Center at 740-593-2911 to submit a work order. Specify the building, room number, your name and phone number, and the type of pest. Requests for pest control in common areas (bathrooms, hallways, lounges, etc.) may be requested by anyone. You do not need to be present during the pest control service. You may also complete the online

Pest Report Form

Sanitation & Pest Control

Temporary Food Permits

Contact: Safety Department, 740-593-1666 or 740-593-0022 or safety@ohio.edu

The Safety Department ensures that basic food sanitation requirements and practices are incorporated into temporary food service locations on campus whether the food be for sale or gratis. When foods are prepared and/or served by organized University groups for special meals or events of a temporary nature, the Safety Department must be notified at least 48 hours in advance. Click below for more information:

Food Safety

General Health & Safety Concerns

Contact: Safety Department at 740-593-1666 or safety@ohio.edu

Industrial Hygiene

Contact: Safety Department at 740-593-1666 or safety@ohio.edu

Ohio University is concerned about maintaining safe and healthful working conditions. Contact the Safety Department if you encounter issues in your office, lab, or work area that need attention or correction. The Safety Department has the ability to conduct evaluations where appropriate, and works closely with Facilities Management to solve any problems that may be found.

Indoor Air Quality
Lab Safety

The safe storage, treatment, and disposal of infectious waste at Ohio University is regulated by Ohio Infectious Waste Regulations, and coordinated through the Safety Department.

Hazardous Materials Management

Contact: Safety Department at 740-593-1666 or safety@ohio.edu.

The handling and disposal of Hazardous Chemical Waste are coordinated through the Safety Department.

Environmental Programs & Hazardous Material Management
Chemical Waste

Radiation Safety

Contact: Safety Department at 740-593-1666 or safety@ohio.edu

Issues surrounding radiation and research at Ohio University are also coordinated through the Safety Department.

Radioactive Waste

Research Information

Please contact our office, and click on the links below, if you are engaging in scientific research on campus and have questions about regulatory issues.

Radiation Safety

Laboratory Safety
Infectious Waste
Research Compliance

Ohio University Policies and Procedures Related to the Safety Department