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About ChemWatch

Every college and university must comply with the hazard communication and chemical hygiene (lab) standard. In an environment like a research college where you have many chemicals and suppliers and few people to manage the information, ChemWatch will help you comply. It offers a vast database of chemical information and MSDS sheets for thousands of chemicals in 20 languages. ChemWatch is updated quarterly, and provides chemical structures and sub-structure searching, making it a valuable tool for the classroom also.

Use of the ChemWatch system is free, and no password is required, as ChemWatch uses IP recognition to identify Ohio University computers (this is why you cannot access the system anywhere off campus). ChemWatch should be a valuable asset to your department's health and safety programs, as well as providing support with your regulatory responsibilities.

If you need assistance with ChemWatch, please contact Nathan Rath at (740) 593-1685 or by e-mail.

Click here to go directly to ChemWatch site.

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