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NSF No-Cost Extension Instructions for the PI

NSF Instructions for the PI: 12-Month No Cost Extension Notification

To activate a grantee approved no-cost extension for an eligible NSF award, initiate the extension request in LEO as described in Procedure K.05 – No-Cost Extensions.  Indicate in the first sentence of the Justification that this is for a “Grantee-Approved No-Cost Extension.”  Provide a justification for the need for additional time. This request should occur 30-60 days prior to the end date of the period of performance. You will need to provide the increment of time needed (3, 6, 9 or 12 months) in this request.  Following Chair/Dean approval, your post award manager will process the notification to NSF through the site for you. We suggest you request the maximum time available – unless you are absolutely sure you can meet the new end date. Even if you have anticipated continuing funding – you can request more time than necessary and end earlier should you receive a new notice of award.

NSF Instructions for the PI: Second No-Cost Extension Request Instructions for the PI

The process is similar to the above instructions – but do NOT include the “Grantee-Approved No-Cost Extension” language in your LEO extension request.   You will need to provide greater detail in this request for additional time. Your justification needs to include not only the reason for delays, but also a detailed discussion of remaining funds and how these funds will support the remaining tasks. Please include a concise work plan for the tasks which remain and justify the need for additional time and demonstrate the ability to complete them without additional cost.  Following Chair/Dean approval, your SPM will submit the request to NSF for review and response.