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Limited Submissions - A07

Limited Submissions are funding opportunities in which the sponsor only allows a specific and limited number of proposals from a given institution. Extra submissions can result in rejection of all proposals submitted by that institution. Limited submission opportunities are managed by the Office of Research and Sponsored programs (ORSP) and Research Development. All limited submission opportunities are advertised through Pivot and should be applied for utilizing the intent to submit function in either Pivot or LEO.

This procedure applies to all sponsored projects subject to OU Policy 19.045 Administering External Grants and Contracts set up as separate accounts in the OHIO Financial Management System (FMS).

A grant opportunity announcement is sent from LEO every Sunday night.

If you think you may be interested in applying for the opportunity, click the green hyperlink from the opportunity announcement. This will take you directly to the opportunity in Pivot where you will see the full details.

If after reviewing the details of the opportunity, you are still interested in applying, scroll down to the "Research Office Note" section of Pivot and click the link to provide an intent to submit.

Click here to submit

LEO will open to the limited opportunity intent to submit form. Enter any pertinent information regarding your proposal and click submit to express your interest in applying.

Leo opens to limited opportunity page

Provide any comments and click "Submit" to express your interest in this limited opportunity. ORSP will be notified regarding your interest and will follow up with further instructions/details.

Your request is added to the queue for consideration. Once the intent to submit deadline has past, the VPR/ORSP will process the requests received and determine the appropriate method for selecting the applicant to move forward with a proposal. If no requests are received by the internal deadline date, the opportunity will remain open for expression of interest on a first come, first served basis until the sponsor deadline for application expires.

Searching Limited Opportunities in LEO

Limited opportunities are also published in LEO. Click the Limited Opportunity Interest link on the main menu in LEO.

Limited Submission Opportunities Not Found in Pivot

ORSP cannot guarantee to find and announce every limited funding opportunity. We sometimes learn of a limited opportunity belatedly. We will do our best to announce it within a reasonable time.

If you find a funding opportunity through sources other than Pivot and believe it is limited, but do not see it in Pivot, you still must follow the limited submission process. Notify ORSP of the opportunity by emailing orsp@ohio.edu. The ORSP staff will determine if it is indeed limited and add the opportunity to Pivot so you may submit an expression of interest. This process is critical, because extra submissions can result in the sponsor's rejection of all submissions from Ohio University.

For more information, please contact ORSP at orsp@ohio.edu or call (740) 597-ORSP (6777).

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