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Professor Damilola Daramola speaks with students in his research lab
OpenScholar Research Websites
Faculty Websites to Amplify Personal Research

OpenScholar Research Websites

OpenScholar academic websites are optimized platforms that enable OHIO faculty to promote research, attract funding and create partnership opportunities. The website supports user-supplied images and documents to showcase research projects, scholarship and creative activities.

The websites are available free of charge, and they will work in coordination with the website. 

These websites are not meant to replace faculty profiles on the current webpages; profiles will remain, and a link will be added pointing to faculty’s OpenScholar site from their profile, to create a more seamless experience.

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Microscope and computer displaying a scan in an Ohio University research laboratory

Three OHIO-Branded Themes

Faculty researcher Patrick O'Connor poses at his desk surrounded by paperwork and dinosaur bones

Website Photography

Compelling, demonstrative and high-quality website images are game-changers in site traffic. If you don't have your own photos, we have a few options to help you create a successful website.