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Legal Studies

Legal Studies | Ohio University

Ohio University Regional Higher Education has partnered with The Center for Legal Studies (CLS) to bring you quality legal training in a variety of formats to fit your busy schedule.

Bringing the power of legal knowledge to everyone

Career advancement or development

Legal studies can take you far beyond a base understanding of the law, and offer you a deeper and broader education. CLS by BARBRI provides training and courses at multiple levels across industries so no matter where you seek career development and advancement, you can find it with OHIO. 

Flexibility meets affordability

You have a job and simply need some additional education on the law as it pertains to that job. Or, you want a career as a legal support professional, but don’t have the financial wherewithal to quit your current job and get education and training full-time. That doesn’t mean you can’t get the education you desire at a price you can afford. We meet you right where you are, offering flexibility in class scheduling to accommodate other obligations and a pricing structure that won’t price you out of career advancement. 


Legal Studies with OHIO and CLS by Barbri

Upon successful completion of the program (80% or better), you will be awarded Continuing Education Units.

Most of the online courses are completed in one 7-week online session. The paralegal course takes 14 weeks, or two 7-week sessions, to complete. Materials need to be purchased separately from The Center for Legal Studies(opens in a new window).

Course descriptions are available on the The Center for Legal Studies by Barbri website. *The text-based and digital formats are ongoing, and you may register to begin at any time.


Print-based students: Register for legal studies courses with the Noncredit Legal Education Registration form.

NOTE: This is content provided by The Center for Legal Studies in affiliation with Ohio University. The courses are noncredit offerings and are not associated with any Ohio University course, certificate, or degree program.



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