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RHE Tenure Track Faculty Promotion

Criteria for Promotion and Tenure

These Guidelines are intended to help clarify expectations for performance across Regional Higher Education and to assure general consistency in the evaluation processes followed in the various academic divisions.

Format for the Promotion and Tenure Dossier [Word]

The Promotion and Tenure Dossier presents, in summary, your activities and achievements as a developing professional in higher education. These guidelines will help you format the dossier correctly.

Criteria for Revising Divisional Promotion and Tenure Documents [Word]

External Reference Letter Solicitation [Word]

P & T Dossier Workshop

Promotion and Tenure at Ohio University: Procedure and Expectations of the University and RHE

RHE Tenure Track Faculty PowerPoint Presentation [PDF]

Format for the Promotion and Tenure Dossier [Word]

Dossier templates on teaching [Excel]