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RHE Program Coordinators

Accounting Technology:

Tanya Hire, Chillicothe Campus


Brian Hoyt, Ph.D., Lancaster Campus

Business Management Technology:

Brian Hoyt, Ph.D., Lancaster Campus

Computer Science Technology:

Mike Kelley, Lancaster Campus

Electronic Media:

Brian Corea, Southern Campus

Engineering Technology:

Gina Orr, Lancaster Campus

Environmental Engineering Technology:

Kyle KeMats, Southern Campus

Equine Studies:

Kelly Hall, Southern Campus

Human Services Technology:

Mary Jane Preece, Chillicothe Campus

Law Enforcement Technology:

Jim McKean, Ph.D., Chillicothe Campus

Medical Assisting Technology:

Cynthia Boles, Lancaster Campus

Nursing (ADN):

Mashawna Hamilton, Southern Campus

Pam Sealover, Zanesville Campus

Tahnee Andrew, Chillicothe Campus

Sport and Lifestyle Studies:

Kathy Normansell, Zanesville Campus

Technical and Applied Studies:

Donna Burgraff, Ph.D., Chillicothe Campus