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RHE Travel Fund

Funding for the RHE International Travel Fund is currently unavailable. 


Receipt Deadline : open deadline, ordinarily two months before travel

The RHE International Travel Fund has been established to support international travel by faculty members who are making scholarly presentations or serving in a leadership capacity for an international scholarly organization.

All Group I RHE faculty members are eligible for this funding. The trip must be approved through normal regional campus processes and funding guidelines. The amount requested from RHE must be matched by the campus and will not exceed $1,000. Eligibility is limited to one trip every two years. Trips to Canada will not normally be covered by this fund.

You are encouraged to apply to the International Travel Fund at Athens to obtain part of the funding for your trip. RHE does not require that you do this, although your home campus may make this a requirement. Applications to this fund and procedures are at:

Although budget constraints may limit the support available, every effort will be made to dispense the funding equitably among the campuses. Use the Ohio University Travel Reimbursement Policy 41.121 to determine limits on travel expenses.

To Apply: Provide a description of the activity (one page; maximum of two pages). Attach the conference/meeting documentation requesting/identifying your role in the scholarly work and an itemized budget with justification and documentation of the approved campus funding to:

Chris Gabriel
Ohio University
Regional Higher Education
Haning Hall 119A
Athens, OH 45701

Review criteria: Applications will be reviewed by the Executive Dean or his/her designee for adherence to the criteria of this policy.

Reporting requirements: The faculty member must submit a brief report (one page; maximum of two pages) which is a statement of the activity and accomplishments of the faculty member at the conference/meeting. The report must be submitted within one month following the faculty member’s return to the US. Reports are to be submitted to both the Dean of the campus and the Executive Dean. The report for the campus Dean should be submitted to the dean’s assistant at the campus. The report to the Executive Dean should be submitted to Chris Gabriel either electronically ( ) or in hard copy to 119A Haning Hall. No future regional campus-funded internal awards will be made to the applicant without receipt of an adequate final report within the required period.