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Workforce Success Initiative

The Workforce Success Initiative provides financial support for activities led by faculty and/or staff to improve workforce development opportunities for Regional Higher Education and the communities we serve. 

Workforce Success Initiative Application

Workforce Success Q&A Responses - Revised [Word] 

 2021-2022 Projects

Health Exploration and Training (HEAT) Camp

Pamela Sealover, MSN, RN, CNE; Christy Vickers, DNP, APRN, PNP; and Teresa Polen, MSN, RN

Ohio University Zanesville

$3,453.72 Award

The Healthcare Exploration and Training (HEAT) camp is a three-day camp experience that allows middle school students the opportunity to explore the nursing profession and related careers in the health field. Equipped with stethoscopes, thermometers, and blood pressure cuffs, participants will learn how to use these tools to complete various nursing skills. Participants will also be able to engage with nursing faculty to learn more about the profession and to discover what to do to prepare for a healthcare career.  On the final day of camp, students will tour a local hospital where they will see the information and the skills they have learned being applied in a healthcare setting.

Teacher Education Test Preparation and Support

Amy Wolfe, Ph.D.; Karen Corcoran, M.S.; Martha Evans, Ed.D.; and Trey Speakman, student

Ohio University Chillicothe

$4,900.00 Award

This biannual test preparation process was developed to benefit education students when taking the Ohio Department of Education certification test and the edTPA. In addition to increasing the first-time pass rate for students taking the certification exams, program goals include increasing candidate academic self-efficacy through test preparation and relationships, decreasing test anxiety and providing support for educators as they become new teachers. An added benefit to students participating in this program is access to a subscription-based test preparation program to practice digital test-taking similar to the format of OAE with the assurance that study guides are current with updated or modified tests.

STREAM Camp for Professional Educators, Grades 3-5

Teri M. Peasley and Theresa Paterra

Ohio University Zanesville

$4,286.57 Award

The STREAM camp provides a unique professional development opportunity for elementary grade teachers by engaging them in training followed by an opportunity to apply what they have learned with students.  During this two-week camp, teachers will develop and deliver curriculum that engages the interest of 3rd-5th grade students in STREAM content (science, technology, reading, engineering, art, and mathematics) while preparing the students for middle and high school and positioning them for success in adulthood. 

Nursing Career Exploration Day

Matthew J. Fox

Ohio University Eastern

$3,695.12 Award

The goal of this project is to expose high school students to the nursing profession and to highlight the nursing program offered on the Ohio University Eastern campus. Nursing Career Exploration Day will provide an opportunity for participants to experience the nursing profession and to discover program degree requirements while on campus through interaction with faculty, guest speakers, nurse recruiters and student services staff.  Participants will visit the nursing laboratory and will become familiar with high-fidelity simulators.

Lifelong Learning Non-Credit Certificate Program

Pamela Kaylor, Ph.D., Debra Dunning, Ph. D. and Lisa Skeens, Ph.D.

Ohio University Lancaster

$5,233.45 Award

This project focuses on enhancing and expanding workforce development opportunities to targeted employment sectors through creative activities, career exploration, student-focused efforts, and measuring future suggestions for development. A goal of this project is partner with outside agencies to offer various non-credit certificate opportunities to nurses and social workers at the 2023 Celebrate Women conference.

2020-2021 Projects

Women in Technology and Science (WITS) Day

Pamela Kaylor, Ph.D. and Jacqueline Tudor, Ph.D.

Ohio University Lancaster

$5,000 Award

The WITS Day program targets the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics employment sector and seeks to engage students in grades 6 – 12 in a one-day, hands-on program lead by female STEM professionals.

Rural Teacher Fellowship

Jacqueline Yahn, Ed.D.

Ohio University Eastern

$5,000 Award

This fellowship is designed for early-career teachers employed in rural school districts located within the service regions of OHIO’s five regional campuses who are interested in implementing community and career connected learning in their classrooms and school districts. Fellows will be paired with a mentor (also from a rural school) with extensive experience in this form of teaching and learning. The pilot year of the fellowship will take place in the Eastern campus service area and be conducted in partnership with Building Bridges to Careers who will assist in matching fellows with mentors. Mentors will be recruited from the Building Bridges to Careers’ network of teacher liaisons and partnered with fellows to guide the fellow in their identified focus areas of community and career connected learning.

Southern Ohio Public Safety Workforce Development Training

Dr. James R. McKean

Ohio University Chillicothe

$4,150 Award

Against this landscape of deteriorating confidence in our nations’ public safety organizations, the goal of this project seeks to initiate a model of public safety workforce development training utilizing available instructional resources from Ohio University Chillicothe to meet the needs of local law enforcement officers in our service region.

Health Services College and Career Fair

Diann Nickerson, Lisa Jeffries, and Jay Morris

Ohio University Eastern

$2,326 Award

Ohio University Eastern plans to host 500 high school students from six counties at the Health Sciences College and Career Fair.  The event’s objectives are to enhance prospective student awareness of health care programs of study on the OHIO Eastern Campus, provide information about the importance of internships for students’ educational experience as well as to fuel growth for workforce development, and developing a pipeline for the local healthcare workforce to tap into for internships, networking, and potential employees.

Telework 101: A Virtual Course on How to Thrive Remotely

Eric Doyle Brown

Ohio University Southern

$1,000 Award

This project seeks to introduce workers and community members to the fundamentals of working remotely.  Throughout this virtual course, participants will establish a positive relationship with technology and telework literacy while also developing self- reliance and critical thinking skills. Overall, the course is designed for those individuals who have struggled to maintain their productivity, creativity, and personal times as they continue to work away from a traditional office setting. Participants will meet on a variety of online platforms, including but not limited to ZOOM, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet.

OAE Teacher Certification Testing Preparation

Dr. Martha Evans

Ohio University Southern

$3,750 Award

This workshop was developed to benefit education students when taking the Ohio Department of Education certification test.  Goals for this project include increasing the first-time pass rate for seniors taking the certification exam, decreasing  test anxiety and providing support for future educators as they become new teachers.