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RHE Assessment Council


The RHE Assessment Council aims to establish and reinforce a culture of program assessment on Ohio University’s regional campuses.


RHE representative, one campus dean, and three faculty (Group I and/or II ) from each regional campus. Regional campus faculty members will include representation from RHE associate degree, RHE baccalaureate degree, College of Arts & Sciences discipline, and a discipline from at least one other academic college.

2017-2018 Membership

RHE Central Office: Carissa Anderson

Deans Representative: Nicole Pennington

Chillicothe: Mike Lafreniere, Ken Larimore, Robert Knight

Eastern: Kim Ciroli, Bob Galbreath, Luke Shepherd

Lancaster: Cynthia Boles, Gina Orr, Giorgi Shonia

Southern: Molly Johnson, Debbie Marinski, Kim Riley

Zanesville: Dev Poling, Kathy Normansell, Carol Schaumleffel

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