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Course Credit by Examination
MATH 1300—Pre-Calculus

Four Semester Hours

QV 1/13


University Requisite: (C or better in MATH 1200 or MATH 1321) or math placement level 2 or higher WARNING: No credit for both this course and MATH 1322 (first course taken deducted)

Course Description

Graphs, inverses, and operations of functions. Study of polynomial, rational, exponential, logarithmic, and trigonometric functions. Additional topics from trigonometry and analytic geometry. Recommended only for students intending to enroll in MATH 2301. 

Textbook and Supplies

Faires, J. Douglas and James DeFranza. Pre-Calculus. 5th ed. Belmont, California: Brooks Cole/Cengage Learning, 2011. [ISBN: 9780840068620]

Reading Assignments

Although the following schedule does not apply to the Course Credit by Examination version of the course, it shows how the course topics are handled in the classroom. 


  • Week 1: Real Line, Coordinate Plane, Equations, & Graphs 
  • Week 2: Functions, Linear functions, Quadratic Functions 
  • Week 3: Quadratic functions, Other common functions, arithmetic combinations of functions 
  • Week 4: Composition of Functions, Inverse Functions 
  • Week 5: Polynomials, Finding factors, and zeros of polynomials 
  • Week 6: Rational functions, other algebraic functions 
  • Week 7: Measuring angles, sine, and cosine functions 
  • Week 8: Basic trigonometric graphs, other trigonometric functions 
  • Week 9: Trigonometric identities, Right-triangle trigonometry 
  • Week 10: Inverse trig functions, applications of trig 
  • Week 11: Applications of trig, exponential functions 
  • Week 12: Natural exponential function, logarithms 
  • Week 13: Logarithms, Exponential growth and decay 
  • Week 14: Parabolas and Ellipses 
  • Week 15: Ellipses and Hyperbolas

Nature of the Examination

The examination will consist of 20 problems on solving equations, inequalities, and finding mathematical functions and their properties by utilizing the knowledge and abilities covered above.