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Course Credit by Examination
MATH 1200—College Algebra

Four Semester Hours

MT 10/21


University Requisite: C or better in MATH D005 or MATH 102 or Math placement level 1 or higher

Course Descriptions

This course is a continuation of high-school algebra and an introduction to basic college algebra, with special emphasis given to the development of manipulative skills. To prepare for the examination, you should concentrate on solving many (400 or more) of the problems from the exercise lists that follow virtually every section of explanation in the textbook. You should feel confident of your knowledge of elementary algebra before you take the supervised examination.

Textbooks and Supplies

Kaufmann, Jerome E. and Karen L. Schwitters. Algebra 10e for College Students. Cengage Learning. [ISBN: 9780357671337]

Reading Assignments

You are responsible for the material in Chapters 2 through Section 11.2.

Nature of the Examination

The examination consists of 15 problems that are drawn from the material for which you are responsible. The examination includes a number of word or stated problems.

In writing the examination, you should carefully follow the instructions. Write legibly and neatly; any questionable writing will be considered incorrect. For each problem, you must include the step-by-step procedure you used to obtain your result. No credit is given for “guessed” or “trial-and-error” answers.

The examination is closed book. No calculators, notes, or other aids are to be used. You may use pen or pencil, although, in general, pencil is preferable. Enough paper is provided so two problems can be solved on a sheet of paper (one problem to a side).

Grading Criteria

Your grade for the course will be based entirely on your written examination. University regulations do not permit a retake of the examination to raise your grade. It is permissible to register for the course and complete the study a second time.