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BMT 2100 PBC

BMT 2100—Managing Finance in Business

Three Semester Hours

RM 7/16


University Requisite: ATCH 1030 and 1040

Course Overview

The objective of this course is to provide you, the student, with a high-level understanding of the financial aspects of running a business. The course will use 11 lessons to expose you to a variety of concepts and applications including but not limited to business planning, inventory control, time value of money, working capital management, forecasting, and financial management. Managing Finance in Business should benefit you whether you are management level in an existing organization or interested in starting your own small business.

Methods of Course Instruction

All material for this course is print-based. Instructor and students communicate and exchange materials through postal mail. 

E-Print Option

In this course, an option exists to use e-mail to submit your lesson assignments. Your assignment will be returned to you either as an e-mail attachment or as a hard copy sent through the postal mail, depending on the preferences of the instructor and/or program. 

Textbooks and Supplies

Adelman, Phillip J., and Alan M. Marks. Entrepreneurial Finance, 6th ed. Pearson, 2014. [ISBN: 9780133140514]

Number of Lessons

The course has 11 lessons, including a final examination:

  • Lesson 1: “Finance and Economic Concepts” 
  • Lesson 2: “Financial Management and Planning” 
  • Lesson 3: “Financial Statements”
  • Lesson 4: “Analysis of Financial Statements”
  • Lesson 5: “Profit, Profitability, and Break-Even Analysis”
  • Lesson 6: “Forecasting and Pro Forma Financial Statements”
  • Lesson 7: “Working Capital Management”
  • Lesson 8: “Time Value of Money”
  • Lesson 9: “Capital Budgeting”
  • Lesson 10: “Personal Finance”
  • Lesson 11: Final Examination

Types of Writing Assignments

These lessons will contain the following writing assignments:

  • Lesson quiz—each quiz will consist of 15 multiple-choice and true/false questions covering core concepts from the lesson. Students will demonstrate their understanding of the material covered in the lesson via their response to instructor-provided questions. The quiz is worth 15 points of the total 25-point lesson grade.
  • Applied learning—consists of two applied learning questions related to the required reading for each lesson. The questions will be used to demonstrate your applied understanding of several core concepts from the lesson. This element will be worth the other ten points for the lesson.

Grading Criteria

Your final grade for the course will be determined using the following breakdown:

  • Lesson quizzes and applied learning assignments — 75% of course grade
  • Final examination — 25% of course grade