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Course Credit by Examination
BIOS 3840—Bioethics: Bioethical Problems in Biology and Medicine

Three Semester Hours

DM 6/13


University Requisite: 6 Hours in BIOS

Course Description

Ethical problems arising from rapid advances in biological and biomedical research. Topics include human experimentation, fetal research, informed consent, death with dignity, euthanasia, reproductive advances, sex control, test tube babies, surrogate mothers, public policy and bioethics, health care delivery, mental health, and genetic screening.

Textbook and Supplies

Beauchamp, Tom L. and Leroy Walters. Contemporary Issues in Bioethics. 8th ed. Cengage Learning, 2013. [ISBN: 9781133315544]

Nature of the Examination

The examination consists of multiple-choice and short-essay questions; you will have some choice of essay questions. 

You will have two hours for the examination. You must bring two #2 pencils to the examination site—all other materials will be provided. You are not permitted to use books, notes, or supplementary aids.

Grading Criteria

The course grade is determined by your test score, according to the scale below. 

  • 100–85% = A 
  • 84–75% = B 
  • 74–65% = C 
  • 64–50% = D 
  • Below 50% = F 

This curve is somewhat more liberal than the one used in the classroom setting because the personal face-to-face contact is lacking.