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Digital Toolbox: Creating and Sharing Video

by Patrick Mose, Audra Anjum, and Jeff Kuhn from the Office of Instructional Innovation

Sharing instructional videos asynchronously offers instructors and students flexibility in when and where they deliver and receive instruction. A number of tools are available for recording videos that can be shared in Blackboard for asynchronous instruction.

At a Glance

  • Teams + Stream + PowerPoint: Together, these tools allow you to voiceover a PowerPoint and upload to Microsoft Stream to share with students.
  • Panopto: A software for recording, screencasting, video streaming, and content management.
  • VoiceThread: This online tool lets students and instructors create, share, and comment on a variety of media, increasing engagement and presence in asynchronous environments.

Why use video?

Videos are more engaging than reading a plain text, and therefore are great for enriching text or text excerpts. They are also useful for offering students deeper understanding of new content, concepts, and ideas. Because of their visual format, videos help students make connections, such as seeing multiple perspectives and interpretations of the same concept or event.

Which video tool set should I use?

  Teams/PPT/Stream Panopto VoiceThread
Setup difficulty Easy  Medium Complex
Equipment needed

In-browser version (not recommended): Computer with microphone

App version: Windows or Mac computer with microphone

Windows or Mac computer with microphone Windows or Mac computer with microphone
Where to create videos Download the Office 365 suite for the Teams & PowerPoint apps Download Panopto for recording and screencasting Use VoiceThread entirely in your browser
Where students access videos Share a link to the video (e.g. on Blackboard). You may need to edit the video details to give students access. Share a Panopto link (e.g. on Blackboard) or embed the video in your Blackboard course Add VoiceThread content to your Blackboard course and then set up your VoiceThread link
Training/skills required

Basic knowledge of Teams and PowerPoint needed. Microsoft has many training videos for Teams.

Check out OIT's Help and Resources: Microsoft Teams

Creating basic videos is relatively straightforward. Panopto has a lot of help articles and video tutorials to learn more about advanced features.

Check out OIT's Help and Resources: Panopto

Getting VT set up for the first time takes some effort. VT has video tutorials and Blackboard setup instructions to get you started.

Check out OIT's Help and Resources: VoiceThread

Cost In-browser available to all OHIO users; downloadable apps subject to Office 365 eligibility requirements Available to all faculty, staff, students, and emeriti. Available to all faculty, staff, students, and emeriti.


Tool Set 1 (Easy) – Microsoft Teams, Stream, & PowerPoint

While some may use Teams to record synchronous class meetings, you can also schedule a meeting with yourself and then record your lecture for asynchronous playback—and if you use PowerPoint while lecturing, you offer your students useful visuals to stay engaged.

After you have recorded your lecture, it is automatically uploaded to Microsoft Stream where you can edit the video as well as add quiz questions. You can then share the video link wherever students expect to find content, such as your Blackboard course.

If you are already using tools like TeamsOneNote, or OneDrive, you may appreciate how Tool Set 1 feels familiar and is all accessible from the "waffle" icon launcher in the top left.

Tool Set 2 (Medium) – Panopto

Panopto is commonly used to record conventional lectures, but it has many other features beyond Tool Set 1, starting with integration into your Blackboard course.

Panopto's video editing is more fully featured, and the embedded quiz functionality can be integrated directly into your Blackboard gradebook.

When using this tool, take note of the following:

  • Panopto shines when used to create asynchronous videos that deliver interactive and engaging content/lectures.
  • 5 to 12-minute videos are best for maintaining student focus 
  • For advanced users, Panopto has the ability to create a live webcast with Panopto for Windows. One is able to watch live webcasts in the embedded player as well as the interactive player.
  • You can get detailed reports on audience engagement and comprehensive insights into viewing behavior for each of your Panopto videos

Tool Set 3 (Complex) – VoiceThread and Blackboard

VoiceThread is an interactive collaboration and sharing tool that enables students and instructors to build online presentations by adding images, documents, videos, and other media. Then, both students and instructors can add comments to these presentations and engage in threaded conversations with one another. 

The biggest benefit of VoiceThread is that presentations become opportunities to engage in two-way conversations. Additionally, when set up appropriately, VoiceThread assignments allow students to create their own videos and presentations fairly easily.

  • Leaving audio/video/text comments lets both instructors and students participate in discussion asynchronously.
  • Assignment ideas:
    • Give students an opportunity to correct all factual errors and verbal tics in their presentations. Using VoiceThread, students can keep trying until they nail it. 
    • Rather than requiring presentations to happen synchronously, have students record presentations asynchronously and assess them on your own schedule
  • Because of the above-mentioned features, VoiceThread is quite a powerful tool to use when developing a Hyflex course.