Program Design

Program Design/Redesign and Development

Designing a quality program or curriculum can be time-consuming and challenging. It requires an understanding of why a new program (or modality) is needed, the demands of the 21st century workforce, accreditation requirements, and the preferences of the modern learner. To meet these challenges, the Office of Instructional Design supports university and academic departments in both the initiation and re-design of curricular programs. From ideation to delivery, our team works in strategic partnership with colleges, departments, and numerous other academic and administrative support units to collaboratively develop a program or curriculum that focuses on alignment, engagement, and the needs of your students. 

Program Design/Redesign Phases
•    Curricular Ideation and Brainstorming (1-2 Months)
•    Research and Data Gathering (1-3 Months)
•    Program Strategy and Development (2-4 Months)
•    Course and Assessment Design (3-5 Months)
•    Program Design Evaluation and Revision (Generally 1 Year Post Launch)

•    A program guide including documentation of program design decision points
•    Creation of a program carousel that includes student needs and program objectives 
•    Individual course maps for all courses in the program
•    Documentation of program approvals
•    Program design evaluation and assessment report after all courses have launched

How to Request: To request an initial consultation regarding Program Design/Redesign and Development, you can:
•    Book a consultation using our online scheduler
•    Email OID at Our team will respond within 24 hours to schedule a meeting where we can discuss your major goals, OID’s program design process, timing, and any other questions/concerns you may have.