Instructional Design Services

  • Program Design/Redesign and Development: We work closely with colleges and faculty to design, develop and redesign engaging academic programs that meet the needs of modern learners.
  • Course Design/Redesign and Development: Our team assists in the design, development and redesign of courses that foster meaningful learning outcomes.
  • Faculty Consultations: We provide personalized consultations to advise faculty members in best practices in instructional design, using technology to meet student learning outcomes, and creating engaging student experiences.
  • Workshops and Professional Development: We offer professional development opportunities to equip faculty with the latest pedagogical strategies and best practices in using technology to create online experiences. 
  • College/Dept. Workshops: When your college/dept. is ready to prepare faculty for the Canvas transition, fill out our survey and our Instructional Design team will get back to you.
  • Online Course Quality and Accessibility Review: We review courses and provide feedback to faculty using the OSCQR rubric, an online course quality review rubric that is utilized by higher ed institutions, ensuring the quality and effectiveness of online courses and promoting excellence in online education. 

Project Management

OID's Project Manager collaborates closely with the Instructional Design team to provide comprehensive support for program and course launches. This includes creating project plans, managing timelines and deliverables, and working with campus partners towards a successful launch.

Why work with an OHIO Instructional Designer (ID)?

An instructional designer (ID) provides a number of benefits to faculty and programs when designing new courses.

  • Expertise in Best Practices. IDs understand educational theories, learning models, and best practices for online and blended learning. They are knowledgeable about the techniques and designs embedded in high impact courses.  
  • Prioritization of Effort. IDs can help organize and prioritize your to-do list, making design decisions faster and easier.  
  • Efficient Use of Technology. IDs know what tools and templates are available to faculty and students at OHIO, and how best to use them to deliver rich learning experiences.  
  • Curriculum/Course Fit. Working with an ID on a program-level course ensures that your course will complement the rest of the curriculum and all other courses in the program.  
  • Quality Assurance. IDs are experts in designing toward the OSCQR Course Quality review standards and digital accessibility standards. Learn more about our Course Quality Initiative here.  
  • Focus on Content Expertise.  With an ID handling the technical and pedagogical aspects of course design, faculty members can focus on content creation and refinement.