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About Instructional Design at OHIO

Collaboration between faculty and instructional designers is crucial to creating engaging and effective learning experiences for students.

Faculty, being the subject matter experts, are responsible for creating and delivering the course syllabus, as well as the course content, which includes lectures, presentation materials, assignments, and assessments. During course design, the Instructional Designer's primary responsibility is to collaborate with faculty to:

  • Apply principles of instructional design, learning theory, and pedagogy to design and develop effective courses that are learner-centered and foster student success and engagement
  • Design and develop instructional materials, multimedia content, and assessments that align with the course objectives
  • Utilize OHIO's platforms to organize and deliver the course content effectively to students
  • Prioritize accessibility and universal design standards, making certain that the course content is inclusive and accessible to all students, regardless of their individual learning needs or abilities

Instructional Design Services


  • Program Design/Redesign and Development: We work closely with colleges and faculty to design, develop and redesign engaging academic programs that meet the needs of modern learners.
  • Course Design/Redesign and Development: Our team assists in the design, development and redesign of courses that foster meaningful learning outcomes.
  • Faculty Consultations: We provide personalized consultations to advise faculty members in best practices in instructional design, using technology to meet student learning outcomes, and creating engaging student experiences.
  • Workshops and Professional Development: We offer professional development opportunities to equip faculty with the latest pedagogical strategies and best practices in using technology to create online experiences.
  • Online Course Quality and Accessibility Review: We review courses and provide feedback to faculty using the OSCQR rubric, an online course quality review rubric that is utilized by higher ed institutions, ensuring the quality and effectiveness of online courses and promoting excellence in online education.

Project Management

OID's Project Manager collaborates closely with the Instructional Design team to provide comprehensive support for program and course launches. This includes creating project plans, managing timelines and deliverables, and working with campus partners towards a successful launch.