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International Agreement Guidelines & Procedures

Global education is an important strategic priority of Ohio University (OHIO). As indicated in OHIO's Strategic Initiatives as well as the Global Strategy, OHIO recognizes that international collaborations and cooperation with partner institutions provide invaluable opportunities for students, faculty, and the institution itself. Specifically, several goals identified in OHIO's Strategic Initiatives attest to the importance of global education, research and partnerships. Those goals are:

  • Develop a rapid-response model for identifying and securing partnerships with community and global partners to address their challenges and extend our engagement ecosystem
  • Support research-funded positions that are strategically aligned to existing strengths, opportunities, and community and global needs
  • Prepare students with distinctive skills such as communication, critical thinking, and leadership that are highly valued by employers and central to lifelong learning in a globally connected world; and
  • Expand partnerships with corporations and global partners who share our vision for building more vibrant, inclusive communities in ways that will yield national prominence.

At OHIO, numerous agreements are signed every year with various scope in partnership intent and activities. Overall, OHIO strives that international agreements be proposed only in those instances where there is a demonstrated intent or commitment of the involved parties to initiate and implement programs. The aim is to enter into agreements that result in substantive activities.

International agreements between OHIO and partner universities are governed and coordinated by a combination of the University International Council (UIC), the Office of Global Affairs (OGA), the Office of Legal Affairs, the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost, and the Office of the President. The following guidelines and procedures are provided to assist OHIO in developing and implementing international partnership agreements. These agreements can involve student exchanges, faculty/staff exchange, collaborative research, observations (clinical), and other activities with organizations and

The guidelines provide a policy and process that:

  • Achieve uniformity and consistency in developing, processing, and implementing international partnership agreements;
  • Provide templates and sample documents; and
  • Increase the timely and efficient processing of international partnership agreements.

Download the complete International Agreement Guidelines & Procedures [PDF] to review full information. Access Global Partnership Agreement Forms and Templates. You may also contact the Office of Global Affairs ( to discuss options or ask questions.