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Location: Kasugai City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan

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  • 1973, Chubu University President Dr. Kohei Miura and OHIO President Dr. Claude Sowle signed a formal agreement stating that the universities would exchange professors as a part of the Miura Visiting Professors program.
  • 1979, Chubu University gave OHIO 175 Cherry Blossom Trees in recognition of OHIO's 175th anniversary. In 2003, Chubu University gave OHIO 94 Yoshino Cherry Trees and 9 Double Weeping Cherry Trees to replace damaged plants and to increase the total number of cherry trees at OHIO to 200, in honor of OHIO's bicentennial celebration. OHIO has created a website, Cherry Blossoms at Ohio University, to show images of the trees and to detail the history.
  • 1993, when the two universities marked the 20th anniversary of their agreement, OHIO sent an identical replica of Cutler Hall's cupola to Chubu University.
  • 2004, OHIO dedicated the Yamada International House, which was renovated and expanded thanks to a generous gift of 100 million yen, or approximately $850,000 from Chubu University in honor of its late President and Chancellor Kazuo Yamada.
  • In November 2014, an OHIO delegation led by President Roderick McDavis visited Chubu University in celebration of their 50th Anniversary
  • 2015, Tanaka Residence Hall is opened, named in honor of Dr. Tomoyasu Tanaka and Mrs. Sumiko Tanaka. Dr. Tanaka was an Ohio University physics and astronomy faculty member from 1971-1989 and is widely considered the father of the OU-Chubu University relationship.
  • 2017, Chubu delegation, led by President Osamu Ishihara, visited Athens for President M. Duane Nellis’ Investiture Ceremony.
  • 2018, OHIO delegation, led by President M. Duane Nellis, visited Chubu to strengthen institutional connections. 
  • 2019, Chubu delegation of biomedical and engineering Researchers, led by Yutaka Hirata (former Glidden Professor), met with OHIO departments in their respective areas of expertise.
  •  2023, OHIO and Chubu celebrate the 50th Anniversary of partnership. 
    • 2023 May, Chubu Delegation, led by Chancellor Yasuhiro Iye, in celebration of the OHIO Honorary degree bestowed upon Chancellor Emeritus Atsuo Iiyoshi.

    • 2023 November, Chubu Delegation, led by President Yoshimi Takeuchi.

Areas of Partnership

  • Faculty Exchange Programs
  • Library Cooperation
  • Scholarships and Fellowships offered by OHIO
    • The Charles J. Ping Graduate Fellowship
    • The Charles J. Ping Tuition Scholarship
    • The Ohio University College of Engineering Tuition Scholarship
    • The Ohio University Mechanical Engineering Graduate Fellowship
  • Scholarships and Fellowships offered by Chubu University
    • The Chubu University Kazuo Yamada Fellowship
    • Ryozo Ohnishi Graduate Fellowship (OHIO Student graduate study at Chubu)
    • The Ohio Program of English Language Teaching (OPELT)
  • Student Exchange and other activities