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Roles and Responsibilities

Faculty or Administrative Lead

The faculty or administrative lead is responsible for initiating and maintaining contact with the partner institution, overseeing collaborative activities, and reporting data for performance metrics. Overall, this individual serves as the steward of the relationship.

Unit Heads (Chair/Dean/Director)

Unit Heads (e.g. department chairs, college deans, and school/program directors) ensure that the proposed partnership is aligned with their units’ strategic goals and interests. They should make sure that they have the necessary resources (e.g., staffing, funding, etc.) to produce the intended outcomes. The Unit Heads sign any LOI or AA.

University International Council (UIC)/Global Agreement Review Committee (GARC)

The UIC oversees the development and implementation of international agreements to support OHIO’s faculty, staff, and students in collaborating with their counterparts worldwide. The UIC also evaluates the partnership relationships. GARC, one of UIC’s subcommittees, serves to review and process all types of agreements on behalf of the university. GARC determines whether the proposed agreement integrates, represents, and supports the global strategy goals and best interests of the University.

Office of Global Affairs (OGA)

OGA provides advice and assistance for exploring new international partners in terms of locations, types of programs, and OHIO priorities and processes. OGA also provides logistical support and assistance in drafting the formal agreement that covers the specific terms and conditions based on the type of program, scope of work, and budget. The faculty or administrative lead is encouraged to consult OGA as needed. OGA routes all international agreements for internal review and approval from appropriate OHIO offices. OGA also archives the hard copies of all approved formal partnerships.

Office of Executive Vice President and Provost (EVPP)

EVPP reviews and recommends the MOU, RSEA, and DDA for signature. EVPP signs LOI and AA. 

Office of President

The President reviews and signs the MOU, RSEA, and DDA.