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OHIO - GSG: Instructional Technology

In 2013, Dr. Briju Thankachan, OHIO alumnus (2009 Master of Communication Technology and Policy, 2013 Ph.D. Instructional Technology) and former Director of Curriculum and Assessment Design and Improvement at OHIO’s Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine, received the first grant from the Ram and Sushila Gawande India Endowment to address GSG College’s computers and networking, which were outdated and suffering from operating issues. Few faculty and students were using computers and many were intimidated by technology. Internet service was unreliable and often unavailable, due to the old wiring, rural location, and the elements. 

GSG College is now a digital campus, through the efforts of Dr. Thankachan and SaiJeevan Reddy Devireddy (2105 grant recipient). Updated computers, operating systems, computing programs, and internet access (hardwired and Wi-fi) are now available, reliably, to all faculty, staff and students at GSG College.

Dr. Thankachan introduced active learning strategies such as Team Based Learning for GSG faculty in 2016. When the COVID-19 crisis arrived, GSG was ready. Email access, online education opportunities, video creation for remote delivery of material, virtual chat and meetings, and more are now technological solutions for learning at GSG. Around 60% of GSG students are regularly engaged in online learning, with continued efforts to reach the additional 40% who do not yet have access to internet in their homes.