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AAPI-LEAD News and Events

2024 Global Education Fair

March 21, 2024 (Thursday) 5:00 pm ~ 7:00 pm 
Athens High School  (1 High School Rd., The Plains, OH 45780)

Aligning with the Ohio Department of Education proposed global education, we are delighted to hold 2024 Global Education Fairs with a collaboration between the Ohio University AAPI-LEAD faculty &employee affinity organization, The Center for International Studies, and Athens City School District. The Fair aims to increase P-12 students’ knowledge of diverse cultures and to foster an inclusive and culturally responsive environment at the ACSD & the community.

A diverse group of college students from Ohio University will present the culture of various countries in the world and engage P-12 students in hands-on activities to learn about different countries.

Sign up as a Volunteer Presenter

We are recruiting international students who are interested to present their culture at the local community to the P-12 students and parents.
Please sign up if you are interested in participation.

How to participate:

  1. Sign up for participation using the link below.  We will reserve a booth at the 2024 Global Education Fair for you.
  2. Work with your peers to prepare for interactive activities to present your culture.
  3. Show up at 4:30 PM at the Athens High School on March 21st, 2024.  We will assign you a booth.

Volunteer Sign Up Form

Questions? Please contact Dr. Yuchun Zhou via

Appreciation to the Sponsors
•Ohio University AAPI-LEAD organization
•The Center for International Studies
•The Patton College of Education
•Russ College of Engineering & Technology
•OU Stevens Literacy Center


There are no events to show at this time.

Past Events

Multicultiral Mix & Mingle: 09-29-2022

September 29, 2022, Baker 1804 Lounge

This networking event will be a great opportunity for staff and faculty to engage and connect with colleagues working across campus. 

AAPI Alumni Panel: 03-31-2022

March 31, 2022, Microsoft Teams

Lunchtime panel with different OHIO alumna as they discuss their experiences in their fields as AAPI leaders.
Brought to you by the Women's Center, AAPI-LEAD, and the Alumni Association.

Lunar New Year Celebration: 02-12-2022

February 12, 2022, Walter Rotunda

An exciting Lunar New Year Celebration featuring Dragon Dances and exhibitions from various campus groups. 

Conversation with Yi-Ting Wang: 10-22-2021

October 22, 2021, Virtual Talk

Campus Conversation with Yi-Ting Wang: amplifying AAPI voices and addressing anti-Asian violence. 
Yi-Ting Wang, VP of AAAA, speaks about how Anti-Asian violence can impact our communities and how our communities can help provide support. Check out the Recording

Homecoming Parade: 10-09-2021

Enjoy photos from 2021 Homecoming #ohiohc2021! AAPI-LEAD had a wonderful time representing the Athens AAPI community alongside the Athens Asian American Alliance (AAAA) and Asian American/Pacific Islander Student Union (AAPISU)

AAPI-LEAD Welcome Reception: 09-14-2021

September 14, 2021, Baker Atrium

As a new Employee Affinity Organization, AAPI-LEAD aims to support, connect, and engage OHIO's Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Islander community. The Welcome Reception offered an opportunity to learn more about AAPI-LEAD, meet other members, and find out how to get involved.

Check out photos from the event

AAPI-LEAD Faculty Highlights

AAPI-LEAD Faculty have been recognized by students, faculty and the university for their commitment to quality education and diversity with a variety of university awards:

Youngsun Kim, University Professor Award 

Associate Professor at College of Health Sciences and Professions 

Youngsun Kim

 Dr. Kim credits his own experience in graduate school as a driving force behind his inclusive efforts. A native of Korea, Dr. Kim received support from his classmates when he first began studying in the U.S, be it studying for exams together or working on English grammar. 

“My teaching philosophy is based on understanding of others,” Dr. Kim said. “My previous experiences help me to develop inclusive environment in my class and lab meetings.” 

As a communication sciences and disorders scholar Dr. Kim works closely with a number of people with various medical and behavioral conditions on top of existing language and cultural differences. Tapping into these experiences Dr. Kim created a program to help students in his class that are struggling with the material. 

“In my class, I developed a peer mentor program in which students are able to help each other in class and on exams. This program works well for both students,” Dr. Kim said. 

Dr. Kim doesn’t just seek to address diversity in the classroom though, as he is working to diversify the understanding of swallowing disorders as they apply to different cultures and foods. 

Chao-Yang Lee, University Professor Award 

Associate Professor at College of Health Sciences and Professions

Chao-Yang Lee

“I am fortunate that all the communities that I have been part of-- graduate school at Brown, postdoc lab at MIT, and my current workplace at Ohio University-- all value diversity highly,” Dr. Lee said. “The respect for common humanity I have experienced naturally shaped my approach to teaching diverse groups of students.” 

Dr. Lee’s research is focused on the acoustics and perception of speech of tonal languages. Tonal languages are languages in which the pitch used to pronounce a word can change its meaning or message. For example, the characters 伞 (umbrella) and 散 (to break up) are both pronounced san with the only difference being the tone used when saying the word. 

“One question that scientists attempt to answer is, why do speech sounds vary so widely across languages, even though all sounds are produced by the same vocal tract and perceived by the same auditory system and brain?” Dr. Lee said. “In other words, diversity helps us understand universals-- what's shared by all speakers of all languages. I use this observation as an analogy to highlight the importance of respecting diversity and inclusion.” 

Yuqiu You, Faculty Excellence Award from The Association of Technology, Management, and Applied Engineering 

Professor of Engineering Technology and Management 

Yuqiu You

Dr. You shared that she makes it a point to ensure diversity is addressed when starting a new project stating: 

“There's always a section of research proposals illustrating how the outreaching activities, recruitment of student workers, should emphasize diversity, equity and inclusion.” 

Dr. You explained that her cultural background and experiences make her pay more attention to the importance of diversity in and outside the classroom. 

“Promoting DEI for campus climate is critical to create a fair, transparent, and friendly work environment that everyone with different backgrounds can have a feeling of belonging,” Dr. You said. 

Tiao J. Chang, Professor Emritus of Civil Engineering 

Professor Emritus of Civil Engineering 

Tiao J. Chang


Tiao J. Chang, professor emeritus of civil engineering, was another awardee recognized for their efforts in promoting diversity. Dr. Chang served as faculty advisor for the Chinese Student Association for 12 years and was involved in many multicultural events, workshops and trainings. 

“Diversity prevails in nature. To be sustainable, diversity and inclusion are important for campus climate,” Dr. Chang said.